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X3 Float Mod

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CanAM Clutch Tool Kit


Proven performance

KWI was the first to offer Can-Am X3 and Can-Am Ryker clutching and has more experience, testing and data with every different HP level, tire size, altitude and terrain than anybody.


customer service

Full customer support and custom tuning on all our products. Email us anytime 365 days a year for assistance with clutching performance. Our competitors sell kits and leave you to figure it out.


floating secondary system

We are the original engineers and designers of the X3 and Ryker full floating secondary clutch modification that's a game changer when it comes to belt life and wheel HP. Even BRP has tried to copy our design because it works so well!


exchange program

No charge component exchange program. Change HP level or tire size? No problem, we will exchange your undamaged existing KWI components for the new components you need free of charge for as long as you own your KWI kit. Just pay shipping.

*new kit components are not free of charge



KWI clutch kits reliably provide performance for race teams and the weekend warrior every day in every terrain. Our clutching puts the power down for race teams in every type of racing. We test our products to failure and improve every day.  the KWI Clutching/HMF/Dusty Cactus Racing Can Am X3 took 1st place finish in the 2018 BAJA 1000 (Hands down the most grueling and abusive race on the planet) 808.6 Miles. EVERY TEAM that ran our clutching COMPLETED THE RACE ON ONE BELT!!! 



There are 2 types of transmissions commonly used today; 1. Standard gearbox style that has several gears where you have to shift similar to a truck 2. Vehicles with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which automatically control power delivery with a pair of clutches carefully calibrated with springs and flyweights connected by a drive belt to transmit engine power to the wheels to constantly keep the engine in its power range without ever shifting gears.

A properly calibrated CVT system is critical to getting the performance and reliability out of your vehicle. a cvt clutch system must be calibrated for the specific hp, tire size, terrain and altitude. if any of these change substantially you must re-calibrate your clutches or you will loose performance and reliability. doing one without the other is not an option. if the clutch calibration is incorrect you will experience poor performance, vibration and parts breakage.

KWI specializes in providing you the best possible performance, reliability and hassle free operation out of your CVT drive system. Let us handle all your cvt tuning, you wont be disappointed.