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KWI clutching installing a clutch kit in the Can AM X3 Secondary clutch.

How to install a KWI clutch kit, disassemble, inspect and reassemble the Can Am X3 primary clutch

This video will show you the components in our Clutch Tooling Kits and how to disassemble and reassemble your clutch using the KWI Clutch Tooling Kit.



-How do i get the Float Mod??

1. On the KWI website you would Select "X3 Float Mod and clutch kit deposit" and add it to your cart then checkout making this purchase. (this locks in your appointment FOR production)

2. Remove both your clutches from your X3. (The only tool you WILL need is the primary clutch puller to remove the primary clutch).

3. Box up your clutches. Make sure you use solid durable packing materials such as foam, firm packing paper or cardboard. To prevent damage its very important to ensure your clutches will not hit each other or hit the outside of the box. (if you cant drop them from 6 feet onto concrete safely then don’t ship them)!

4. Ship the clutches in to us at KWI CLutching, 18530 W 3000N Rd, Lot 118, Reddick, IL 60961, shipping with signature delivery notification may delay receipt of your clutches and back up your production.

6. Once the clutches are done with tear down and inspection we will notify you if we find any damaged parts requiring replacement or any other out of the norm issues. Before proceeding we will get your approval on any additional costs. if there are no additional repairs your clutches will proceed through production within issue.

7. Once your clutches are complete and ready to ship back we will process or refund any existing bill balance and you will receive a tracking number via email on actual invoice we send you. Please note if we have to wait for final payment, your clutches will not be shipped until your bill is cleared.

8. Step 9 is to unbox your clutches and install them checking alignment with the included instructions then go have fun!

-How do you ship and do you accept refunds? (NON-FLOAT MOD PRODUCTS)

SHIPPING POLICY - It's simple, you buy it, we ship it anywhere ASAP!

In most cases all orders placed by 1:00 PM CST (Chicago USA) will be shipped the same day. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9-5. We are not open Saturday - Sunday. This means we ship Monday through Friday. There are no outgoing shipments Saturday or Sunday so plan your shipping speed accordingly when choosing those options. 

Under normal circumstances, most orders ship out within 24-48 hours with the exception of the days we are closed. However, due to large order volumes, weather conditions, weekends or circumstances beyond our control, we will ship your order out as soon as possible. 

RETURNS AND CANCELLATION POLICY - product problems, etc...we will take care of it!

1. KWI CLUTCHING, INC. offers refunds on the full purchase price of KWI manufactured products only. All items are considered NOT manufactured by kwi cluthching unless specifically described as "This is a KWI manufactured product". kwi clutching reserves the right to refuse any refund for any reason we see fit.  All products are sold with a 30 day money back guarantee from date of shipment. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.

2. Products must be returned undamaged and in good condition. Misuse or damage is not covered. Returned items can be subject to a 20% restocking fee as determined by us at the time of the return.

3. RETURNS :- If you need to return an item, simply send the item back to us with a copy of your original order. We'll notify you via e-mail of your refund once we've received and processed the returned item.

4. CANCELLATIONS :- To cancel an order not yet shipped; contact KWI by Email at Please include the original Order Number and Product number issued at time of purchase. If you order has been pulled and boxed, but not shipped, it may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

-How do i track my order?

All orders will recEIve a tracking number via the email you provided us. If you do not see the tracking info please check your spam folder before contacting us. If you still do not have the tracking info please email with your name and order #, we will send you the trackimg info.

-What if my item is out of stock?

In the rare circumstance we are out of stock on your item you can guarantee there is more being produced that will ship out ASAP. We will notify you of your estimated ship date and you have the option to wait for it, receive a refund or get a different product of your choice. Contact with any questions.

-Your clutch selector doesn’t show my specific setup, what clutch kit do i order?

You have 3 options All questions will be answered via email, please provide a phone number in case we require more clarification.

1. Contact one of your local KWI dealers and ask them what you should run. Our dealers are all listed on the DEALERS portion of our website.

2. Use the CONTACT US portion of the website and provide your exact tune, tire size, average riding altitude and terrain.

3. Email with yur exact tune, tire size, average riding altitude and terrain.

As hard as we try to answer these technical questions, we ask for your patience in getting back to you to avoid production delays in our shop.

-My car is very hard to shift between gears (P,R,N,H,L), whats wrong?

The issue with your vehicle hard shifting to Park, Drive Etc. while running is caused by the secondary clutch spinning. This spinning can be caused by a couple issues:

1. Clutch misalignment from the factory. The belt is touching or very close to one of the primary sheaves at idle, the weak factory clutch calibration masks this problem sometimes as the belt tension is low but when you install a proper clutch kit such as KWI kits, this factory misalignment now shows itself. Your options are to either have BRP warranty the clutches for a new set or send your clutches in to KWI for the FULL FLOAT MOD, then you can adjust it as required and this will never be an issue.

2. Damaged primary clutch bearing. If the bearing is not spinning smoothly or seized on the shaft then it will drag the belt and spin the secondary.

3. If you have KWI Full Floating clutches and this starts happening, most often it is because the clutch is not sliding freely and you need to service the secondary clutch grease. Remove the clutch from the splined shaft, clean and re-grease then reinstall.

-How do i maintain my clutches? How long between maintenance intervals?

The clutches should be disassembled and serviced at the intervals below. You can do this yourself if you have our tool kit or if youd like you can remove the clutches and send them into us for servicing and repair and we will do it for you.

There's a free copy of the clutch shop manual available for download and also a how to video on our website.

After every weekend or long ride (no special tools required):

-Use compressed air to blow out any dirt, dust or contaminants.

-Visually inspect primary and secondary clutch for any obvious damage to any components, sheave faces, etc.

-Visually inspect the Belt for any clunking, fraying or abnormal wear, replace if required.

-Visually inspect secondary clutch for broken helix rollers.

At approx 500 miles or after the ride/race if longer: (KWI tool kit and 500 mile service kit required). There's a video on our website under the videos section to help with this.

-Remove the KWI full floating secondary clutch, clean and re-grease the splines per the Float instructions then reinstall.

-Remove the primary clutch governor cup with the KWI puller, (no need to pull the fixed sheave off the crankshaft) replace the 3 floating slider shoes, inspect the slider shoe bore for excessive wear (send clutches into KWI for repair if the bores are excessively worn) and replace the 3 floating slider shoe orings during reassembly

-Slide off the Primary outer half, inspect thrust rollers for excessive wear or damage, replace if damaged.

-Remove the primary bearing, clean, re-grease with a light amount of Kluber Isoflex NB52. wipe seals so they are free of grease and dry before reinstalling.

-Clean primary bearing thrust washers so they are completely free of grease and dry. Replace if worn.

-I ride dunes at sea level then I run trails at 8000' in the mountains and i ride trails at seal level? Is there 1 clutch setup to do it all?

Clutching is very specific to altitude, HP, tire size and terrain (hard pack or mud/dunes) and will only work perfect in one specified environment or one HP level. A clutch calibration might be able to be designed which will have a happy medium but you'll be compromising performance and if the setups are too different then its not going to be possible. Below are examples-

1. If your clutching is set up for sea level and then go to ride above 5000' in elevation your car will have sluggish performance and the clutching will be set for too low of RPM's. The opposite applies if your clutching is set up for above 5000" and you then go ride at sea level, your rpms will be way too high and you'll loose performance.

2. If your clutching is set up for hard pack trail and you decide to go riding in the sand dunes or deep mud your car will have sluggish performance and the clutching will be set for too low of RPM's. The opposite applies if your clutching is set up for sand dunes or deep mud and you then go ride at sea level, your rpms will be way too high and you'll loose performance

3. If your clutching is set up for 30" tires and you install 35" tires your RPMS will be low causing excessive belt heat and poor performance. The opposite applies if your clutching is set up for 35" tire and you install 30" tires, your RPM's will be too high causing poor performance, low top end speed and belt breakage.

4. If your clutching is set up for 180WHP and you switch to a 220WHP tune the RPMS will be too high and the car will actually slow down. If your clutching is set up for 220WHP and you switch to a 180WHP tune the RPMS will be very low and the car will slow down and most likely have belt issues. One clutching calibration will not work for both scenarios.

There is a trick to getting this impossible scenario to work and here are the scenarios where one clutch setup will work well.

1.Have one one HP level and clutching setup for Dunes at low altitude under 2500' and this setup will work if you trail ride at high altitude over 5000'.

2. At a constant altitude have one clutching setup and 2 HP levels on a switch.

a. In the dunes run the high HP level and on the trail run the low HP level

b. run the low HP level with the 30" and the high HP level with the 35"

-Why do i keep breaking belts??

Belt heat and breakage can be caused by several different things-

-First and foremost is having proper clutch calibration to make sure you have proper RPM, upshift and no belt slap on backshifting-

-Second is belt misalignment- we developed the full floating clutch mod to cure the factory belt alignment issues which make the belt run crooked.

- Third you MUST have an unobstructed and stock clutch air intake. Your accessories are likely your issue. ANY modifications to the clutch air intake, a dirty clutch air intake screen or ANY modifications to the factory aerodynamics such as a windshield or rear windscreen may cause the clutch cooling air temp to increase as youve now forced the clutch and turbo air intakes to suck in the hot air from the motor area. You MUST give the clutch and turbo air inlet COOL air in order to prevent overheating of the belt or high charge temps causing the motor to overheat. The airflow to be insufficient causing excessive belt temp and lead to failure.

-How do i check if my clutch kit shift RPM is correct?

When we test shift rpms were looking for average full throttle rpms on a drag race style run from about 5 mph up to 80 mph. The stock and tuned 2017-2019 X3 shift rpms should be 7750-7850. If they are higher than that youll need to remove 2 of the lighter weights and install 2 of the heavier weights in their positions. Heavier weight will lower RPM and lighter weight will raise rpm

-Can i drop my X3 off at KWI to have the clutches done?

Our clutch shop does not take any service work or vehicles in house but.. Yes, you can drop it at our local authorized KWI dealer Dockside Marine in Wilmington IL They will pull the clutches and do any service work you need while its there. We will have a KWI rep pull the clutches off your machine, dial them in, reinstall them and test the machine to make sure its dialed. You can pick the vehicle up from them ready to rock and pay them directly. To schedule this call Jeff in the service Dept at (815)-476-7802.

-The internet says i should be at 8000-8100 RPM to go faster. My KWI clutching only spins 7800-7900? WHY?

We test our clutch kits extensively on the dyno and on the track, trail, dunes etc. and know exactly what RPM the motor makes peak power at. We use this data in conjunction with STalker STATS acceleration testing systems to develop clutch kits with the best acceleration, belt life, back shifting and top speed.

When we test shift rpms were looking for average full throttle rpms on a drag race style run from about 5 mph up to 80 mph. The stock turbo, stock and tuned 2017-2019 X3 shift rpms should be 7750-7850. Big turbo and 2020 models will run 8100 shift RPM.

-I have KWI clutching and am changing my tune from 180WHP to 200WHP, what do i need to do to my clutching?

You will absolutely need a different calibration. You have 2 options when you change the tune

1. Send your clutches in to us and we will re-calibrate them for you. You will only get charged for any additional parts required. Example is if you have a KWI clutch kit currently that uses 4 weights and your new tune requires 6 weights- youll only be charged for the 2 additional weights.

2. Send an email to with your full name, address, exact new and old tune info including bost pressure and fuel, tire size, terrain and average riding altitude. We will send you an invoice for the components required to change up your calibration and send them out once payment is recEIved. You will get the components, swap them out and send us your old KWI components back. We will issue a refund for the full price of the components you send back.