Product Description

Unlock the full potential of your turbocharged Polaris RZR XP with the 300T Pro Package by KWI Clutching. This comprehensive bundle includes the RZR Overdrive Cover, X300T Clutch Kit, and the RZRBlade 300, all engineered to work together seamlessly for superior strength, reliability, and efficiency in your off-road adventures.

RZR Overdrive Cover

Crafted from aircraft structural grade 7075 billet aluminum, this cover adds unmatched strength and reinforcement to your primary clutch. It promises better performance, longer belt life, and smoother shifting by eliminating the flexing that leads to belt heat and loss of wheel HP. Enjoy a speed boost with an added 3-5 MPH thanks to our built-in overdrive mod.

X300T Clutch Kit

Designed for high-power applications, the X300T Clutch Kit optimizes power delivery, torque, and responsiveness for your turbocharged Polaris RZR XP. It handles up to 300 crank horsepower (CHP) or 280 wheel horsepower (WHP). The kit features adjustable weights and high-quality components, allowing you to fine-tune your vehicle’s performance for various riding conditions. Experience smoother power delivery, more consistent power, and quicker backshifting with this advanced clutch kit.

RZRBlade 300

Our hassle-free ship-in service reinforces your primary clutch with our billet inner primary clutch sheave, incorporating our patent-pending KWI Groove-X technology for the coolest running clutches. Made from high-strength aerospace-grade aluminum, it promises exceptional wear resistance and optimal cooling, ensuring your adventures never end on account of clutch failure.


Together, these three components form the 300T Pro Package, designed to significantly enhance your riding experience by ensuring your machine’s clutch system is more durable and efficient. Elevate your turbocharged Polaris RZR XP with KWI Clutching’s advanced, reliability-focused solutions for peak performance under any conditions.