The KWI Boost Leak Tester, designed for CAN AM and POLARIS RZR Turbo

For the enthusiasts who are serious about performance. This tool simplifies the process of checking your entire turbo system, including the intercooler, intake plenum, and boost tubes, for leaks with ease, offering precision up to 60psi. 

By disconnecting only the air filter inlet into your turbo, you can quickly troubleshoot for leaks that might be causing issues like high intake charge temperatures, reduced horsepower, and overall poor performance – all in a single step.

This boost leak tester is an essential tool, especially after any turbo or intake maintenance. It's a must-have for those dedicated to optimizing their vehicle's performance.

Notable features:

  • Compatibility with all SIDE BY SIDE Turbo models, whether equipped with OEM or big turbo kits.
  • The 1.75" inlet OD boot fits perfectly with OEM turbos.
  • The 2.25" inlet OD boot caters to turbo upgrades like the older Whalen Speed XR42 or the Dynomite with X1C covers.
  • The 3.0" inlet OD boot accommodates larger turbo upgrades, including the new Whalen Speed with X2C covers, found on the XR42 and XR54, as well as all new Garrett Turbos and the Desert Storm.

Upgrade your performance game with the KWI Boost Leak Tester, your ultimate solution for maintaining peak turbo system efficiency.