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The KWI Groovix is a game-changer in helix technology, designed for Can-Am vehicles and available in three versions, all incorporating our patent-pending helix cooling technology.


  • 1x Groovix Helix (DR3 or #4)


  • All Can-Am Models


The Groovix stands out with its unique rib and fan design, aimed at reducing belt temperatures and extending belt life. The Groovix fan draws air into the center of the secondary clutch, cooling the underside of the belt and sheaves. The rib design increases surface area for cooling airflow, effectively dissipating clutch heat. Crafted from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum billets, the Groovix is a solid piece of metal, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • DR3 Cut: The DR3 helix angle is tailored for up to 220 wheel horsepower, ensuring rapid turbo spool-up for aggressive acceleration. It also facilitates quick backshifts when you decelerate, ensuring the power is readily available. This helix provides smooth cruising while delivering unmatched high-speed performance and belt longevity. Increased full shift belt squeeze prevents belt slip, enhancing performance and reliability at high speeds.


  • #4 Cut: The #4 angle helix lays down big turbo power like no other. It shifts forcefully at lower speeds to harness the aggressive power delivery of aftermarket big turbo kits. At higher speeds, it keeps RPMs in the power band, delivering a smooth, flat shift curve for hard acceleration, excellent belt grip, and lightning-quick backshifting.