Product Description

Experience the cutting-edge in helix technology with the KWI Groovix Billet 7075 Aluminum Cooling Helix for Can-Am. Available in three versions, all utilizing KWI’s patent-pending helix cooling technology, the Groovix is engineered to deliver unmatched performance and belt life.


The KWI Groovix Helix is designed for Can-Am QRSX secondaries and is compatible with all Can-Am X3 models, 2021+ Defender HD10, 2021+ Maverick Sport 1000, and 2021+ Commander 1000. Made from a single solid chunk of aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum, the Groovix Helix features unique rib and fan designs that lower belt temperatures and prolong belt life.


DR3 Cut: Ideal for up to 260 wheel horsepower, the DR3 helix angle helps your turbo spool up quickly for aggressive acceleration. It backshifts swiftly when you slow down, ensuring power is ready and waiting. It also provides smooth cruising, unmatched high-speed performance, and belt life. The increased full shift belt squeeze prevents belt slip and enhances performance and reliability at high speeds.

#4 Cut: Perfect for harnessing the power of aftermarket big turbo kits, the #4 helix angle shifts hard at lower speeds and maintains RPMs in the power band at higher speeds. This results in a smooth, flat shift curve that accelerates hard, grips the belt, and offers ultra-quick backshifting.

Key Features

Cooling Technology: The unique rib and fan design lowers belt temperatures and prolongs belt life. The Groovix fan draws air into the center of the secondary clutch, cooling the underside of the belt and sheaves. The rib design increases surface area for cooling airflow, effectively removing clutch heat.

Material: Made from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum billets, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.

Enhanced Performance: Provides unmatched high-speed performance, aggressive acceleration, and smooth cruising.


All Can-Am X3 Models

2021+ Can-Am Defender HD10

2021+ Can-Am Maverick Sport 1000

2021+ Can-Am Commander 1000