In collaboration with Whalen Speed Research and Development, KWI has introduced an affordable and straightforward cooling solution designed for those who push their Can-Am X3 to the limits, especially in high horsepower applications. Our KWI/Wsrd Thermostat Delete Kit is engineered to maximize coolant flow, effectively managing heat generated under extreme conditions and high boost levels.

Key Benefits:

  1. Maximum Coolant Flow: With the thermostat delete kit in place, you'll experience unrestricted coolant flow, crucial for controlling heat during demanding race and recreational scenarios.

  2. Proven Performance: Our kit has been rigorously tested and developed under the harshest conditions, both on the race track and in recreational settings. It has consistently delivered excellent results, making it a trusted modification.

  3. Affordable and Simple: We've designed this cooling solution to be both cost-effective and easy to install. It's a straightforward upgrade that can make a significant difference in your Can-Am X3's performance. 

  4. Ideal for High HP: If you're running a high-horsepower setup or frequently push your Can-Am X3 to its limits, this thermostat delete kit is a must-have to ensure your engine stays cool and operates at peak efficiency.

Experience the benefits of enhanced cooling and keep your Can-Am X3 running at its best, even under extreme conditions, with the KWI/Wsrd Thermostat Delete Kit. It's the perfect solution for those who demand top-tier performance from their off-road machine.