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Elevate Your Ride with the KWI Complete P-Drive Conversion Kit

Our KWI Complete P-Drive Conversion Kit is the ultimate upgrade for Can-Am X3, Defender HD10, and Commander 1000R owners looking to enhance their vehicle's performance. This comprehensive kit includes all the essential components to transform your driving experience.

Key Components:

  1. Brand-New P-Drive Primary Clutch: Our kit comes with a brand-new P-drive primary clutch featuring KWI machined and trued sheaves. These components ensure improved clutch function and longevity.

  2. AOP-1 Adjustable Primary Weights: The kit includes our AOP-1 adjustable primary weights, allowing you to fine-tune your clutch system for optimal performance.

  3. Groovix Helix: Our Groovix helix is designed to provide smoother operation, reduced noise, and improved performance for a quieter and more enjoyable ride.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance: With our complete conversion kit, your vehicle will perform significantly better, offering improved power and responsiveness.

  • Quieter Operation: Experience a quieter ride, thanks to the meticulously machined components and Groovix helix.

  • Smoother Drive: Say goodbye to rough rides – this kit ensures a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.


Please note that the Can-Am X3 120HP and 135HP Turbo models require tuning before using the AOP-1 Clutch Kit or the KWI PDrive X. In their stock form, these models don't provide sufficient horsepower for optimal performance with these clutch kits.