Product Description

Unleash the full power of your aftermarket turbocharged Can-Am X3 with the AO Green Clutch Kit by KWI. Built off the AO Base Platform, this kit is designed for those making big power and needing efficient power delivery. With enhanced components and superior adjustability, the AO Green Kit ensures your high-performance machine delivers maximum power with precision and control. 


The AO Green Clutch Kit is an advanced upgrade for Can-Am X3 enthusiasts with aftermarket turbos. This kit includes 4 AO.0001 weights, 2 Gen 6 weights, a Blue Orange Primary spring, and the Groovix #4 helix, providing full adjustability for various setups and riding conditions. Designed for high power output, this kit delivers the same great performance as the AO Base, but with the ability to handle more power.


  • Redesigned Weight Profile: Optimal performance for high power setups.
  • AO.0001 and Gen 6 Weights: For optimal power management.
  • Full Adjustability: Suitable for various tire sizes and terrains.
  • Groovix #4 Helix: Superior belt grip and cooling technology.

In the Kit

  • 4 AO.0001 weights
  • 2 Gen 6 weights
  • Blue Orange Primary spring
  • Groovix #4 helix