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Need help tuning your ride or got a snag with your setup? Dive straight into our Support Portal and drop us a request. It's fast, easy, and ensures every rider gets the top-tier support they deserve. Remember, we’re all about keeping you in the race, not on hold!

Please Note: To keep our support turbo-charged for everyone, we no longer take tech or product support calls. All questions need to fly through our online portal. This helps us help you better and faster, and keeps a solid track record of any calibration changes and support actions. Our goal? To help our tech team provide you with the most accurate and efficient support, so you’re back on the trail, not stuck on the trailer.

Bought your gear from one of our awesome dealers? Head back to them for all the product support and calibration wisdom. They're fully equipped to get you back on track in no time.

Looking to gear up? Give our sales team a call at 815-216-6000 for all new product inquiries. Let’s boost your ride with the best in the biz!