The Float packages from KWI Clutching are upgrades designed to improve the performance of Can-Am vehicles. The Float Mod addresses clutch misalignment issues, while the PD Update specifically targets sticking problems in PDrive clutches. Both upgrades enhance off-road experiences by ensuring smoother shifting and better performance.

Whats Included in the Float?

Thorough  Inspection

Our precision inspection process involves a comprehensive examination of every clutch component to ensure optimal performance and reliability. If any issues are detected during inspection, we'll provide a detailed estimate for necessary repairs or replacements. Trust in our thorough inspection to keep your clutch system running smoothly.


Sheave Machining


OEM sheaves straight from the factory often lack precision, leading to inconsistencies and potential issues like uneven belt wear, premature sheave failure, and belt failure. At KWI, we meticulously resurface all four sheaves, ensuring they're perfectly aligned and angled for optimal performance. This process results in longer belt life, more uniform wear, and enhanced overall performance, providing you with a smoother and more reliable ride.



Tired of constantly dealing with failing secondary rollers? Us too. That's why we've taken action to solve the problem once and for all. We've upgraded the rollers, making them bigger and stronger to ensure durability and reliability. Say goodbye to roller issues and hello to peace of mind on your rides!



In 2017, with the release of the X3 platform, KWI identified an alignment issue and introduced the KWI FLOAT MOD. This innovation allowed the secondary to "float" with the primary, addressing several issues. Firstly, it corrected the spinning secondary and hard-shifting problems by fixing the alignment. Secondly, it reduced belt stress and heat, resulting in fewer broken belts. Lastly, by optimizing power transfer efficiency, it effectively increased horsepower output.



In late 2023, we noticed a recurring problem with some P-Drive systems: secondary spinning and gear-shifting difficulties. Initially, we thought it was an alignment issue, but further investigation revealed a primary problem with the P-Drive Primaries —getting stuck open. After extensive R&D, we've fixed this issue, now included in all P-Drive Float Packages. (P-DRIVE ONLY)


Looking for more than just reliability? Dive into our range of package add-ons designed to enhance performance and maximize efficiency. Discover the perfect upgrade for your needs!

Precision  Power Delivery

Enhance your off-road experience with our AO Series clutch kits, the perfect add-on for our Float Pro and Float Pro Max packages. Developed in-house, these kits are unlike any other on the market, calibrated to optimize power delivery regardless of your vehicle's power or tire size. Like finding the perfect gear on a 10-speed bike, our kits ensure smoother, more responsive, and more powerful rides. Elevate your off-road adventures with our AO Series clutch kits, included in the Float +, Float Pro, and Float Max packages. Engineered with precision and finesse, these kits feature our exclusive AO technology, ensuring optimal power delivery and performance. Say goodbye to compromises.

*Included in Float +

Keep it cool

Conquer any terrain with our Groovix Helix, available exclusively on our Float packages. Engineered with advanced cooling technology, the Groovix Helix not only maximizes traction and stability but also helps lower belt temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in any environment. Elevate your off-road adventures and experience unmatched performance with the Groovix

*Included in Float Pro

Power to the MAX

Unlock the ultimate off-road experience with our Float Pro Max package, featuring the exclusive DSS (Dual Spring Secondary). Say goodbye to unwanted belt slip and ensure every ounce of power reaches the ground. Whether you're tearing through desert races, conquering Moab's rocky terrain, blazing trails at Hatfield McCoy, or tackling muddy challenges, the Float Pro Max package delivers unparalleled performance. Don't settle for less – upgrade to the MAX for maximum power and control.

*Included in Float Max

Float Packages


For the off-road enthusiast who can't wait to hit the trails, KWI Clutching introduces the Fast Float Program – your ticket to lightning-fast turnaround times! Why wait 10 business days when you can get back to the thrill in just 2?

Our Fast Float Program is a core exchange service that helps you get back in the driver’s seat fast. Here’s how it works:

  • Unmatched Speed: From 10 business days to just 2 – the fastest way to get your clutches upgraded.
  • Core Exchange: As long as your clutches are in good condition (no damage, no water staining, etc.), you’re eligible for the Fast Float Program. Think about it – the next person could receive your clutches, so we only accept clutches that meet our high standards.
  • Simple Process: Send in your clutches first, and once we verify they’re in good shape, we’ll exchange them with a fully upgraded set, ready to hit the trails.

If your clutches don’t meet the criteria, no worries! They will be converted to a standard Float package with a 10 business day turnaround.

Don't let long waits keep you off the trails! Trust KWI's Fast Float Program to get you back into action with unparalleled speed and precision.