Product Description

Unleash the full potential of your Can-Am X3 with the AO-RC Clutch Kit by KWI. Specifically designed for rock crawling enthusiasts, this kit enhances performance and responsiveness, ensuring your machine can tackle the toughest terrains with ease.


The AO-RC Clutch Kit is engineered for Can-Am X3 models, offering advanced features tailored to improve your vehicle's performance in rock crawling scenarios. This kit includes 6 AO-rc weights, 24 magnets, and a Blue Orange Primary spring. The AO-rc weights feature an exterior magnet slot that allows for quicker clutch engagement, making it ideal for slow crawls and demanding off-road conditions. 


  • Redesigned Weight Profile: Optimized for rock crawling to ensure quick engagement and maximum performance.
  • AO-rc Weights: Includes an exterior magnet slot for quicker clutch engagement.
  • Full Adjustability: Suitable for various tire sizes and terrains, ensuring versatility in different off-road conditions.
  • Enhanced Responsiveness: Delivers more responsive pedal action and increased torque, ideal for slow and technical crawls.

In the Kit

  • 6 AO-rc weights with exterior magnet slots
  • 24 magnets
  • Blue Orange Primary spring

Elevate your rock crawling experience with the AO-RC Clutch Kit by KWI, and feel the difference in power and performance that sets the standard in clutching technology.