Product Description

Upgrade your turbocharged Polaris RZR Pro R with the KWI X302T clutch kit. This high-performance kit is specifically engineered for Pro R models equipped with an aftermarket supercharger or turbo kit. Designed to handle up to 350 crank horsepower (CHP) or 330 wheel horsepower (WHP), the X302T Clutch Kit delivers enhanced performance, including improved acceleration, backshifting, and peak RPM maintenance. Perfect for adventures across streets, deserts, backwoods, dunes, and mud.


The X302T Clutch Kit addresses the demands of high-power turbocharged applications, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best under various conditions. By integrating the X302T weights with specialized springs and magnets, this kit provides precise tuning and superior clutch engagement for optimal power transfer and reliability.

Key Features

High-Power Capability: Handles up to 350 CHP / 330 WHP, ideal for turbocharged setups.

Enhanced Acceleration: Improves acceleration and power delivery.

Improved Backshifting: Ensures smoother and quicker backshifting for better control.

Peak RPM Maintenance: Maintains optimal RPMs across various terrains and conditions.

Adjustable Tuning: Includes weights, springs, and magnets for precise performance tuning.

Included in the Kit

3x X302T Weights

1x Black Spring

1x Red Spring

1x Magnet Pack


2022+ Polaris RZR Pro R

Enhance your turbocharged Polaris RZR Pro R’s performance with the KWI X302T Clutch Kit. Experience the ultimate in reliability, power, and efficiency, ensuring your machine is ready for any off-road adventure.