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X302T Clutch Kit

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The KWI Clutching RZRX302T is a high-performance version of our X302 clutch kit, specifically engineered for the PRO R equipped with an aftermarket supercharger or turbo kit. This kit is your gateway to a world of enhanced performance, offering improvements in acceleration, back shifting, and the assurance of maintaining peak RPMs, no matter where your adventure takes you – be it the streets, deserts, backwoods, dunes, or mud.


  • 3x X302T Weights
  • 1x Black Spring
  • 1x Magnet pack


  • 2022+ RZR Pro R


  • Optimized Performance: The RZRX302T Clutch Kit significantly enhances your PRO R's performance. It delivers impressive acceleration, smooth back shifting, and ensures your RPMs stay in the sweet spot, whether you're cruising the streets or tackling rugged terrains.

  • Precision Tuning: With adjustable weights at your disposal, fine-tuning your PRO R has never been easier. Customize your setup based on your desired horsepower level, turbo specifications, preferred terrain, altitude conditions, and tire sizes. Achieve precision and perfection with every ride.

  • Innovative Magnet Design: The kit's unique magnet design sets it apart from the competition, offering a wider tuning range and unparalleled performance. It accommodates power levels ranging from 275HP to an impressive 400HP and functions seamlessly from sea level to altitudes of 15,000 feet.

  • Proven Excellence: KWI clutch kits have a well-earned reputation for delivering the highest wheel horsepower. We continuously test our kits and tunes against competitors to maintain our industry leadership.

  • Tailored Compatibility: The RZRX302T Clutch Kit is meticulously designed to fit 2022 and newer Polaris RZR PRO R / PRO R 4 models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimized performance for your specific vehicle.