Our Gen 6 Adjustable Fly Weight is purpose-built to tackle the demands of big power tunes and larger turbo installations in the X3. It's engineered to unlock unmatched wheel horsepower, surpassing all other clutch calibrations available on the market for big power tunes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Designed for Big Power: This Gen 6 Fly Weight is tailor-made for harnessing the immense power generated by big power tunes and larger turbo setups in the X3.

  2. Maximized Wheel HP: Expect superior wheel horsepower gains when you opt for our Gen 6 Fly Weight. It's engineered to deliver exceptional performance, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  3. Precision Tuning: The adjustability of our Gen 6 Fly Weight allows for precise calibration, ensuring your clutch system is perfectly matched to the increased power output of your X3.

  4. Industry Leader: When it comes to wheel horsepower, our Gen 6 Adjustable Fly Weight stands out as an industry leader, setting new benchmarks in performance.

Upgrade your X3's clutch calibration to our Gen 6 Adjustable Fly Weight, and experience the full potential of big power tunes and larger turbo installations. It's the key to unleashing unrivaled wheel horsepower and optimizing your X3's performance like never before.