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X300T Clutch Kit

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Elevate your Polaris RZR's performance to the next level with the KWI Clutching RZRX300T, an advanced iteration of our X300 clutch kit. This kit has been meticulously engineered to cater to the demands of BIG HP E85 tunes and aftermarket turbo installations, making it the go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking unparalleled power and precision.


  • 3x X300T Weights
  • 1x White Spring
  • 1x Magnet pack


  • 2021+ Polaris RZR Turbo S models
  • 2020 + Polaris RZR PRO models
  • 2022 + Polaris RZR Pro XP models
  • 2022 + Polaris RZR Turbo R models
  • 2022 RZR Turbo Pro
  • 2021 + RZR XP Turbo and XP4 Turbo.


  1. Enhanced Performance: The RZRX300T kit substantially improves your vehicle's performance across the board. Experience enhanced acceleration, smoother back shifting, and the assurance of maintaining peak RPMs, regardless of the terrain you conquer – be it the streets, deserts, backwoods, dunes, or muddy trails.

  2. Precision Tuning: Our adjustable weights offer precise tuning for an extensive range of factors, including HP levels, turbo specifications, terrain types, altitudes, and tire sizes. This means you can fine-tune your RZR to perfection, ensuring optimal performance in any situation.

  3. Innovative Magnet Design: The kit's innovative magnet design sets it apart from the competition. It provides a wider tuning range and superior performance compared to other clutch kits on the market. With the RZRX300T, you can accommodate power outputs ranging from 240HP to a staggering 350+HP and operate at altitudes from sea level to 15,000 feet, all while enjoying uncompromised performance.

  4. Proven Excellence: KWI clutch kits are renowned for delivering the highest wheel HP, and the RZRX300T is no exception. We continually evaluate and refine our kits to stay at the forefront of performance enhancement.