Product Description

Unlock the full potential of your Can-Am X3 with the AO Base Clutch Kit by KWI. Engineered for unmatched performance and adaptability, this kit is designed for all Can-Am QRS Clutch systems from 2017-2021 and the 2022 Base Power level Turbo R X3. With a complete redesign from the ground up, the AO Base Kit redefines what's possible in terms of responsiveness, torque, and speed. Whether you're hitting the dunes, tackling tough trails, or pushing the limits on the drag strip, the AO Base Clutch Kit ensures your machine delivers maximum power with less effort. 


The AO Base Clutch Kit is a revolutionary upgrade for Can-Am X3 enthusiasts seeking to enhance their vehicle's performance. Built with years of research and development, this kit includes 6 AO.0001 weights, 24 magnets, and a Blue Orange Primary spring, providing full adjustability for various setups and riding conditions. For Base model X3 120hp models, the stock turbo RR spring (part# 420638126) is required but not included.

Why Clutch Kits Are Important

Clutch kits are essential for optimizing the performance of your UTV. They calibrate your machine's clutches to match the engine's power output, ensuring efficient power delivery and reducing the effort needed to achieve peak performance. Proper clutching is like having the perfect gear on a bike, making sure your machine runs at its best in any condition, whether it's racing, trail riding, rock crawling, or dune bashing. The AO series clutch kits from KWI provide the fine-tuning necessary to maximize your vehicle's potential, offering enhanced throttle response, torque, and speed.  


  • Redesigned Weight Profile: Innovative weight design after extensive R&D for maximum performance.
  • Full Adjustability: Suitable for various tire sizes (30s, 35s), terrains (desert, trail, dunes, rocks, mud), and configurations (portals, aftermarket setups).
  • Enhanced Responsiveness: Delivers more responsive pedal action and increased torque.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for stock turbo X3s and adaptable for aftermarket turbos with the AO Green Kit.
  • Efficient Power Delivery: Ensures your machine delivers maximum power with reduced effort, perfect for any riding condition. 

In the Kit

  • Weights: 6 AO.0001 weights.
  • Magnets: 24 magnets.
  • Primary Spring: Blue Orange Primary spring.
  • Stock Turbo RR Spring: Required for Base model X3 120hp (part# 420638126) but not included.

Elevate your riding experience with the AO Base Clutch Kit by KWI, and feel the difference in power and performance that sets the standard in clutching technology.