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AO Base Clutch Kit (CAN AM)

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Elevate your off-road experience with the 2017+ Can-Am Maverick X3 AO Base Clutch Kit from KWI Clutching. This comprehensive kit is designed to unleash the true potential of your Can-Am Maverick X3, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.


  • 6x AO.0001 Weights
  • 1x PBL/ORG Primary Spring
  • Magnets


  • 2017+ Can-Am X3 120hp
  • 2017+ Can-Am X3 152hp
  • 2017+ Can-Am X3 172hp



Key Features

World-Record Performance

Holds the 2019 stock turbo 0-60 record at 2.97 seconds, showcasing its exceptional efficiency and power.

Universal Application

Perfectly suited for all horsepower levels, from 120HP to 400+HP, and adaptable for various terrains and altitudes

Comprehensive Kit Contents

Comes with specially designed AO weights, a primary spring, and magnets, providing everything you need for a complete clutch overhaul.

Optimized for Peak RPM

The kit ensures your engine runs at the optimal RPM, maximizing power delivery and enhancing your driving experience.

Enhanced Acceleration and Back Shifting

Experience rapid acceleration and smooth back shifting, ensuring you maintain peak performance in any off-road situation.

Versatile and Adaptable

Whether tackling dunes, streets, or rugged backwoods, this clutch kit adapts to your specific environment and needs.

Why Choose the KWI AO Clutch Kits?

  • Designed for 2017 and newer Can-Am Maverick X3 models, this clutch kit is the result of rigorous testing and development, ensuring it meets the high standards of quality and performance synonymous with KWI Clutching.
  • It provides a more extensive tuning window than any other kit on the market, giving you the flexibility to tailor your ride exactly how you want it.
  • As a testament to its quality, the kit is backed by comprehensive customer support for installation and tuning, ensuring you get the most out of your upgrade.

Elevate your ride's performance with the 2017+ Can-Am Maverick X3 AO Base Clutch Kit – the ultimate upgrade for the off-road enthusiast.