Product Description

Experience unparalleled adjustability and performance with the AO-P1 clutch Kit by KWI, specifically designed for P-drive primaries. This kit is ideal for 2022 Turbo RRs and all 2023+ X3 models, offering advanced features and precise tuning capabilities to maximize your machine's torque, power, and response.  


The AO-P1 Clutch Kit is a premier upgrade for Can-Am X3 enthusiasts using P-drive primaries. This kit includes 24 magnets and 3 AO-P1 weights, providing the ultimate in adjustability. Fine-tune your setup with changeable magnets, clickers, and pivot bolts to achieve the perfect performance for your riding style and conditions.


  • Enhanced Adjustability: Fine adjustments using magnets, clickers, and pivot bolts.
  • Redesigned Weight Profile: Optimal performance through extensive R&D.
  • Improved Torque and Power: Maximizes your machine’s torque and power delivery.
  • Ultimate Fine-Tuning: Customizable for precise control.

In the Kit

  • 3 AO-P1 weights
  • 24 magnets

Elevate your Can-Am X3's performance with these advanced clutch kits by KWI, each designed to provide specific enhancements tailored to your vehicle's needs.