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Product Description

Optimize your Can-Am's clutch performance with the KWI QRS Fast Float Package. This rapid exchange program is designed for efficient upgrading, ensuring a quick 2-business day turnaround. Utilizing parts from your existing clutches, the Fast Float package guarantees compatibility and enhanced performance for your vehicle.


The KWI QRS Fast Float Package is tailored for clients needing swift and effective clutch upgrades. By meeting specific qualifications, customers can ensure a seamless and rapid process, resulting in a modified clutch set that boosts performance and reliability.

Fast Float Qualifications

  • No Broken Parts: Clutches must be fully functional without any broken components.
  • No Water Stains: Clutches should be free from water damage.
  • No Dents or Dings: The clutches must have an intact surface and structure.
  • No Belt Stains: Clutches should be clean from belt residue or stains.
  • Cleanliness: Clutches must be free from dirt, sand, or other contaminants.

Additional Options

If clutches do not meet these standards, KWI offers alternative solutions:

  • Regular Float Mod: An 8-10 business day turnaround for standard modifications.
  • Cleaning Charge: In-house cleaning to ensure clutches meet the required standards.

Useful Resource




The Float packages from KWI Clutching are upgrades designed to improve the performance of Can-Am vehicles. The Float Mod addresses clutch misalignment issues, while the PD Update specifically targets sticking problems in PDrive clutches. Both upgrades enhance off-road experiences by ensuring smoother shifting and better performance.


Thorough Inspection

Our precision inspection process involves a comprehensive examination of every clutch component to ensure optimal performance and reliability. If any issues are detected during inspection, we'll provide a detailed estimate for necessary repairs or replacements. Trust in our thorough inspection to keep your clutch system running smoothly.

Precision Power Delivery

Enhance your off-road experience with our AO Series clutch kits, the perfect add-on for our Float Pro and Float Pro Max packages. Developed in-house, these kits are unlike any other on the market, calibrated to optimize power delivery regardless of your vehicle's power or tire size. Like finding the perfect gear on a 10-speed bike, our kits ensure smoother, more responsive, and more powerful rides. Elevate your off-road adventures with our AO Series clutch kits, included in the Float +, Float Pro, and Float Max packages. Engineered with precision and finesse, these kits feature our exclusive AO technology, ensuring optimal power delivery and performance. Say goodbye to compromises.

Keep it cool

Conquer any terrain with our Groovix Helix, available exclusively on our Float packages. Engineered with advanced cooling technology, the Groovix Helix not only maximizes traction and stability but also helps lower belt temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in any environment. Elevate your off-road adventures and experience unmatched performance with the Groovix

Power to the MAX

Unlock the ultimate off-road experience with our Float Pro Max package, featuring the exclusive DSS (Dual Spring Secondary). Say goodbye to unwanted belt slip and ensure every ounce of power reaches the ground. Whether you're tearing through desert races, conquering Moab's rocky terrain, blazing trails at Hatfield McCoy, or tackling muddy challenges, the Float Pro Max package delivers unparalleled performance. Don't settle for less – upgrade to the MAX for maximum power and control.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Support Portal

What is the Float Mod, and what does it do?

The Float Mod is a modification that offers several advantages:

  • Increases wheel horsepower and accelerates your vehicle more quickly.
  • Produces quieter clutches and maintains ultra-smooth shifting by eliminating warping and belt chatter.
  • Lowers belt temperatures by resurfacing and recutting sheave angles for more efficient shifting and increased wheel horsepower.
  • Fixes warped clutch sheaves and factory belt misalignment, common issues in X3 clutches that cause belt chatter, vibrations, power loss, and increased belt heat.

You have two options to consider:

  1. KWI Fast Float: Offers a 48-hour turnaround time.
  2. KWI Float Mod: Standard turnaround time is 10 days.

KWI has a proven solution used by X3 owners worldwide. They will true up your warped primary and secondary sheaves on their ultra-precision CNC lathe, re-cut the sheave angles on both your primary and secondary clutches, replace the secondary rollers with upgraded KWI rollers, set up your clutches to fully float and self-align at all RPMs, service your primary bearing, and replace any wearable or damaged parts (additional cost). Your clutches will be sent back ready to bolt on, and you can also purchase their clutch kit, which they will install during reassembly.

How do I order the float?

1.Visit the KWI Clutching website: Go to https://kwiclutching.com/.

Choose Your Clutch Type: Select either QRS or P-Drive, depending on your machine's primary type.

Select Your Package: KWI offers four different float packages for both QRS and P-Drive clutches:

Provide Machine Information: Complete the required questions about your machine to help calibrate your clutch to a close setup. Keep in mind that every machine is slightly different, so calibration may vary.

Make Your Purchase: After choosing your package and providing the necessary information, proceed to make your purchase.

Package Your Clutches: Ensure your clutches are well-protected. We recommend using a UPS store to package them securely and insuring them for approximately $2000, considering the clutch's value.

Send Your Clutches: Send your clutches to KWI Clutching as per their instructions.

Clutch Inspection: Upon receiving your clutches, KWI will check them in and conduct an inspection. If any issues or additional charges are identified (broken parts, wear beyond repair, etc.), they will email you with a cost estimate and alternative options.

Clutch Modification: After inspection, your clutches will be disassembled and inspected further. They will then move into the machining queue, where necessary modifications and add-ons will be installed. Calibration will be based on the information you provided during checkout.

Final Invoice: Once your clutches are completed, KWI will email you a final invoice. This invoice will include any additional charges that were approved by you and the cost of return shipping, which includes shipping insurance. KWI adds insurance to all shipped clutches.

Payment and Shipping: Pay the final invoice, and once it's settled, your clutches will be shipped out. Orders paid before 2 pm will typically be shipped on the same day.

What could cause difficult shifting between gears (P, R, N, H, L) in my X3, and how can I address it?

Diagnosing the issue with your X3 properly is important to determine the best course of action. Here are a few possible causes for the hard shifting between gears:

Clutch misalignment: The belt could be touching or very close to one of the primary sheaves at idle due to a factory misalignment. This issue can sometimes be masked by the weak factory clutch calibration. To resolve this, you can have BRP replace the clutches under warranty or send your clutches to a specialist like KWI for the Full Float Mod, which will allow you to adjust the alignment and prevent future issues.

Damaged primary clutch bearing: If the bearing is not spinning smoothly or has seized on the shaft, it can drag the belt and spin the secondary, causing hard shifting. In this case, the bearing will need to be replaced.

Damaged or broken secondary clutch rollers: This can also cause hard shifting. If you send your clutches in for the Full Float Mod, upgraded rollers can be installed to prevent this issue. Alternatively, you can replace the rollers using parts from specialists like KWI.

If you have the KWI Float Mod verify all Float Mod spring, billet spacer, shims are installed correctly per the instructions below.

Secondary clutch grease or dirty gearbox shaft issue: If you have KWI Full Floating clutches and hard shifting occurs, it may be because the clutch is not sliding freely on the gearbox input shaft due to rust/dirt or a lack of grease. To address this, remove the clutch from the splined shaft, remove any and all rust, dirt and grease from the shaft, clean and re-grease the splines and shaft with good quality MOLY or CV grease and then reinstall.

PD Update: Additionally, if you're experiencing hard shifting issues, consider upgrading to the KWI PD Update. This update is specifically designed to address sticking problems in the PDrive clutch, ensuring smoother shifting and improved performance. Consult with a professional mechanic or contact KWI for more information on integrating the PD Update into your clutch system.

It's always a good idea to consult a professional mechanic to accurately diagnose and fix the issue. Proper maintenance of your vehicle's transmission and clutch system will help ensure smooth shifting and prolong the life of these components