Product Description

The Ethanol Testing Kit by KWI Clutching is an economical and easy-to-use tool designed to verify two extremely important aspects of your fuel quality: 

  1. Quality of Your E85 Fuel: If you rely on E85 fuel for its excellent power production in your high-performance vehicle, you must know the percentage of ethanol in the fuel. The KWI Ethanol Tester helps you determine whether you're purchasing quality fuel or junk before it goes into your tank, ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential engine damage.

  2. Quality of Your Pump Gasoline: Most gasoline sold today contains up to 20% ethanol alcohol. The KWI Ethanol Tester helps you find fuel with minimal ethanol content to avoid several issues:

    • Better Fuel Efficiency: Less ethanol means more miles per gallon, giving you the best value at the pump.
    • Reduced Corrosion: Ethanol is corrosive and hygroscopic, attracting and absorbing water, which can corrode fuel system components not designed for it. This tester helps prevent clogged fuel filters, injectors, carburetors, and lines, ensuring smoother engine operation.
    • Prevent Fuel Decay: Ethanol-blended fuels decay faster, leaving behind water and low-octane fuel, which is particularly problematic for infrequently used equipment like boats and lawnmowers. Most small engines are not built for ethanol, making this testing kit crucial for their maintenance.

Ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently with the KWI Ethanol Testing Kit, protecting your engine from the adverse effects of ethanol-blended fuels.