Product Description

Enhance the durability and performance of your Polaris RZR with KWI's Billet Overdrive Cover. Specifically designed to add strength and reinforce the primary clutch, this cover ensures better performance, longer belt life, and smoother shifting. Unlike the weak stock cover that flexes and causes belt heat and loss of wheel horsepower, our billet overdrive cover is built to withstand the toughest conditions. See the collection of belts from KWI. 


The Billet Overdrive Cover is engineered from aircraft structural grade 7075 billet aluminum, offering the strength of steel with the lightweight properties of aluminum. This superior material ensures that your clutch cover remains robust and reliable, preventing the flexing and heat buildup associated with stock covers. Additionally, our cover includes a built-in overdrive mod that provides 3-5 more MPH, enhancing your vehicle's performance.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Aircraft Grade 7075 Billet Aluminum: As strong as steel but lightweight, providing exceptional durability and performance.
  • Enhanced Clutch Strength: Reinforces the primary clutch, ensuring better performance, longer belt life, and smoother shifting.
  • Eliminates Flexing: Prevents the flexing that causes belt heat and loss of wheel horsepower.
  • Built-In Overdrive Mod: Increases speed by 3-5 MPH.
  • Proprietary Bushing Material: Shifts much smoother than stock and lasts longer.


  • Billet Clutch Cover
  • 6 Bolts and Washers


  • 2022+ Polaris RZR Pro R 
  • 2020+ Polaris RZR Pro
  • 2021+ Polaris RZR Turbo R

With KWI's Billet Overdrive Cover, you can ensure your Polaris RZR's primary clutch performs at its best, delivering enhanced strength, performance, and longevity. Upgrade today and experience the difference in quality and performance.